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33020 (UD)
TEL 0433-92003
FAX 0433-929364

Albergo e Ristorante Salon

The Albergo Ristorante Salon is a little jewel stemming from the past. Its atmosphere is both suggestive and evocative, tradition is pervasive and inspiring. The main features of this hotel are traditional local food, with a modern twist, and a homely warm atmosphere.
The Restaurant was established at the beginning of the '900, when Osvaldo Salon opened an osteria within the family-run drugstore. His son Bepi Salon expanded the family business which grew into one of the most renown restaurants of the area, thanks to his rediscovery of the local traditional gastronomy and its most genuine ingredients. At present, Antonella Salon carries on the family business and, following in her father's footsteps, reworks the old traditional recipes; a sweet conclusion to the gastronomic journey, offered at the restaurant, is guaranteed by the many delicious cakes that Antonella bakes with her own hands.
A visit to our Hotel is an experience that needs to be savored.

Luogo ideale per trascorrere vacanze rigeneranti in un ambiente incontaminato, Arta Terme era conosciuta già dai Romani per gli effetti benefici delle sue acque sulfuree, ma la sua notorietà si spinse fino all'800 come testimoniano i versi di Giosuè Carducci, che rimase incantato dalla bellezza della Carnia.

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